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AC Cars Ltd — one of the oldest automotor company of UK. It is focused exclusively on sport cars with excellent riding and dynamic qualities.

Engineer John Weller and rich butcher John Portwain established this company. It happened in 1920. They decided to create partnership to join an enterprise which deemed to be not only progressive but revolutionary.

In 1907 was created the first AC passenger car named Sociable. In 1911 company was renamed as Autocarriers LTD, and in 1922 it was renamed again as AC Cars LTD.

During period of 1919 to 1925 РђРЎ participated in many racings. РђРЎ was this company which achieved the speed record of 100 mph for cars with 1.5 l engine.

Cobra designed by Carol Sherby was introduced in 1960. He successfully combined the most powerful American 8-cylinder engine and light chassis from Ace. From 1987 to 1992 AC was a part of Ford Motor Company but then became privately owed again. In December 1996 AC went in house of Pride Automotive Group Inc.

AC Cars Ace first time was shown in Turin (Italy) at auto show in 1992. It is high-power sport car with cabriolet body and standard configuration. Aceca sport coupe was introduced at the same show in 1992. By 1995 new generation of РђРЎ Cobra Mk IV was developed but after selling of small amount of samples car production was stopped.

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