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BMW Alpina is a German company that produces a small series of luxury cars based on models of BMW.

It was founded in 1964 by Burkart Bovensiepen as a tuning company. Alpina's models are usually equipped with the latest advances in technology. Engine for each car of company is assembled by the only technical engineer. Due to engines are of high quality. Each year the company produces about 500 luxury cars with improved finishing and perfectly tuned chassis.

The company Alpina very offended if it is called "tuning company". Alpina workers says that "We engineer cars".

By the words of Bovensiepen and Nicki Lauden (racing car driver): "From BMW, they receive only the body and the engine disassembled - in boxes and then manually assemble absolutely different car."

By the production program of the plant, Alpina engineers "worked out" the entire range of BMW. Externally, there is no much differences from the originals, and sometimes they are not visible, except compulsory for all ALPINA twenty-rung light-alloy wheels, spectacular upgraded front and rear spoilers, golden appliquГ©s along the sides of the body and branded nameplates. However, the pride of management and all employees of Alpina are improvements carried out in suspension, engine and interior of cars.

For example, the engine is fitted and grinded. Specialist brings it all that he thinks seemed to fit. However, he is free to use other, more expensive materials and components.

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