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Citroen company was founded in 1919 by Anrie Citroen who was owner of plant producing parts to the mechanisms of chevron gear - while it was a technological innovation. The first В«Type AВ» car cost 7950 francs - for 1919 the amount of ridiculous, but this model was the first in Europe, which had an electric starter and lights. В«Type AВ» developed a speed of 60 km/h.

Focused on the production of inexpensive and unpretentious cars, the company enters the second attempt and "hits the mark" - produces a very simple 5CV model. It was a four-cylinder compact car with no front brakes, a quarter elliptic leaf springs front and rear, reliable and adapted to all the hardships of bad rural roads. In 1921 Citroen launches taxis, and in ten years, nearly 90% of the car park of Paris taxis had famous name of Citroen.

In 1948, Citroen produces most famous 2C. France sees this car as a symbol of post-war revival. It was also interesting DS 19 model, released in 1955. The car was made in a purely French design style of that time without the traditional grille, hood, with an absolutely smooth cowl and broken bold lines of the body. DS 19 was incredibly surprising with technological innovations: hydropneumatic suspension of all wheels, adjustable body height (which still exists), hydraulic actuators of all switches, including brakes, clutch, steering and even the transmission. During the first 45 minutes of 19 DS on the podium in Motor Show in Paris, 749 orders were received, and by the end of the first day of the exhibition this number reached 12 000.

The end of the fifties and sixties for the company was not too favorable - control of the firm was lost, and, after some consolidation with companies, Citroen group joins Peugeot, and keeps its own brand.

Citroen can surely be considered the most extravagant car in Europe. The body design, different at first glance, was united by a common corporate identity.

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