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Eagle is American company specializing in the manufacture of inexpensive cars, developed by Chrysler and Mitsubishi Corporation. It is included in the Chrysler Corporation and forms a single unit with Jeep.

"Eagle" trademark has been known since the early twentieth century. In the mid-50-ies it belongs to two automobile companies - Hudson and Nash. Because of the financial problems Eagle merged with them into American Motors Corporation.

In the late 70-ies, this brand was purchased by Renault in order to increase sales of French cars in the U.S. Renault's attempt was failed and at the end Eagle was bought by Chrysler. By the contract to be signed, Chrysler was required to promote the French Eagle, manufactured by Renault at the Canadian branch in Ontario. It was about the most spacious car of its time - Renault-Eagle with three-liter MPI V-6 engine. Chrysler was in no hurry to sell off "foreign" cars and poorly executed contractual obligations. Renault tried to terminate the contract, but various legal Coliseums led to the fact that this brand could use neither one, nor the second companion.

In the 80s the Japanese were able to buy the brand and build Mitsubishi sales in the U.S. Especially for this Mitsubishi Eclipse model was sold in the U.S. as Eagle Talon. But in the final, apparently, the Eagle trademark had fallen into Chrysler's hands.

Recently, the Eagle program mainly consisted of models borrowed from Mitsubishi: Summit sedan was a modified Lancer; compact minivan Summit Wagon was analogue of Space Runner; Talon sports coupe - an analog of Eclipse, it was carried on the Diamond Star plant in Illinois (now the property of Mitsubishi). Vision model powered by V6 3.3 and 3.5 liters was the flagship model similar to other LH-series sedans of Chrysler Corporation.

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