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Chevrolet 1-Ton SMP

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Chevrolet 1-Ton SMP - information: Chevrolet 1-Ton SMP is a very good car, that was released by "Chevrolet" company. We collected the best 9 photos of Chevrolet 1-Ton SMP on this page.

Brand Name Chevrolet
Model Chevrolet 1-Ton SMP
Number of views 65108 views
Model's Rate 5.7 out of 10
Number of images 9 images
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    Enhancements to the C-MAX and Grand C-MAX with 1.5-litre TDCi engine and PowerShift gearbox has seen CO2 emissions tumble from 115 to 109g/km in the five-seat edition and 124 to 119g/km in the seven-seat Grand C-MAX model. It means that each version drops one vehicle excise duty band and in the case of the C-MAX, there’s a decease of two company car tax benefit-in kind brackets to 19 per cent. The Grand C-MAX drops one band to 21 per cent. Despite the enhanced efficiency, prices remain the same as before with the C-MAX Zetec 1.5 TDCi PowerShift costing Ј21,295 and rising to Ј26,395 for the Grand C-MAX Titaniumm X 1.5 TDCi PowerShift.
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