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Fiatagri 45-66

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Fiatagri 45-66 - information: Fiatagri 45-66 is a very good car, that was released by "Fiatagri" company. We collected the best 11 photos of Fiatagri 45-66 on this page.

Brand Name Fiatagri
Model Fiatagri 45-66
Number of views 108838 views
Model's Rate 7.8 out of 10
Number of images 11 images
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    Suzuki celebrated 30 years of the GSX-R750 at the show, but focused on the entire company heritage with bikes ranging from the 1963 T10 250cc twin through to the latest GSX-R racer in the World Endurance series. Meliand brought the team’s ’83 Herve Moineau/Richard Hubin, title-winning GS1000. The aluminium box-frame machine was the precursor to the GSX-R750 launched in 1975. The stand was very much racing driven with a 1983 Wes Cooley-style Yoshimura GS1000 (right), ex-Marco Luchinelli XR14 RG500, ex-Jack Findlay.
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