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Infiniti is a division of Nissan company specializing in luxury cars production, especially for US. Specific distinction of this line is branded grille. Year of foundation is 1989. It's fully owned by Nissan concern.

In the mid of 80-ies Nissan Motor in a strictest secrecy has begun design and preparation for production of new highest-class car for North-American market. About this time its main rival - Toyota- had tried to decide similar problem. History is silent on authorship of this idea but in 1989 nearly at the same time were announced Infiniti Q45 and Lexus LS 400 models. Since 1992 J30 is known and constructionally it is similar to I30.

In the autumn of 1996 Q45 model with completely modernized design and V-shaped 8-cylinder engine with capacity of 4.1 liters was issued. As well as Lexus Ifiniti develops its model range and creates QX4 offroader. This is a luxurious full-drive version of Terrano model. Compact front-drive Infiniti G20 was created on Primera basis. After principal restyling of 1998 the car has found a ready market among middle-class Americans. 2.0-liter transversally mounted engine develops 140 hp power.

Infiniti I30 announced in 1999 (on last generation Cefiro/ Maxima platform) was accepted as one of the best cars of Northern America. Luxury saloon and ideally tuned chassis are traditional for this brand and adjoined by perfectly balanced 3.0-l engine of 240 hp power which easily accelerates up to 240 km/h. Infiniti I30 doesn't supplied in Europe. Q45 flagman model of 2001 was shown in New York showroom. Massive and at the same time aggressive body design are intended to accent respectability. Large trapezoidal headlight reflectors, wise chrome-plated grill and very high line of lateral glasses shall be noted as original elements. Saloon is finished with expensive types of wood and leather. Rear-drive model is equipped with new V8 engine with capacity of 280 hp and adapted automatic gear.

For fans of Infinity luxury odffroadres QX4 model is sold. This is a modified version of popular in Northern America Nissan Pathfinder with ritzy leather trim and more executive appearance. In-raw 6-cylinder engine with 170 hp power provides good dynamics but in comparison with its rivals, suggesting Infiniti offroadsters with 8-cylinder engines as top-models of such range, QX4 looks less representative.

Infiniti FX45 — is a type of hybrid of sport utility vehicle and offroadster. It will be equipped with 315- hp V8 engine and five-speed gear. Consumer price of model — 44.2 thousands dollars (less powerful version with V6 engine will be named FX35 and its price will be 10 thousands lower). As was said by Mark Macknab, the vice-president of Infiniti, car was designed in California and basically it was designed for North-American market. Car is equipped with brand navigation system on DVD, intelligent cruise-control, "smart key" device and many others. American press has already announced this car as main pretender on the best luxury SUV.

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