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Surname, that was destined to become the brand for the one of the greatest teams in auto sport history, first appeared in the list of the World Championship participants in August 1958. In "Formula 2" competitions of German Grand-Prix on the Cooper wheel started 20-years old New Zealander Bruce McLaren.

Next year, after victory in Sebring races, he had already become the member of works team and the youngest winner of Formula 1 Grand Prix. In 1960 he contended with Jack Brabham who was his partner in Cooper team. In fact, own command McLaren had created three years earlier. These times it was simple enough to become an owner of racing team, but even by standards of these times В«Bruce McLaren Motor RacingВ» creation looked as gamble. The founder was a young racer who was hardly thirty and designers had no any practice in racing car creation: one of them dreamed to become racing navigator and other was a constructor of gas turbines. But, from the other hand, McLaren did not tampered in "Formula 1" with his team (then, in 1963 he played for Cooper) and created his car for participation in Australia-New Zealand В«TasmanВ» series.

Unprofessional approach became obvious at "Formula 1" debut: since 1966 maximal engine capacity increased twice up to 3000 cm3 and use of old engines meant to condemn itself to become an outsider. As far as Bruce had no own engine production plant as Ferrari, BRM or Honda; he doesn't sign a contract with some company, as Cooper; and he had no motorist among his friends, he had to find more exotic ways. He had chosen 8-cylinder Ford engines created for AmericanВ«USACВ» series with capacity of 3 liters. Designer Robin Herd created first McLaren chassis for "Formula 1" races of M2B model.

Everything was finished on 2nd of June, 1970, on tests in Goodwood. Leaving the boxes in M8D prototype for Can-Am races, McLaren had no gone back. On Levant line air flow had broken rear spoiler and in the field of former military aerodrome noncontrolled car on full speed had run into the only construction which was referee seat on concrete foundation. But racing team history did no ended on this point - it knew rises and falls during all its existence.

The first McLaren sport car intended for open roads was announced in the beginning of 90-ies of the last century. It was very powerful F1 model which was issued for a short time and cost fabulous price.

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