The Toyota C-HR has very aggressive styling, and even the entry-level models have a lot of kit. The flagship Dynamic version, as tested here, comes with rear camera, touchscreen, DAB radio, adaptive cruise control, dual-zone automatic air conditioning and satnav – and that really is skimming the surface. The C-HR shares a lot of its DNA with the Toyota Prius, so it’s only to be expected that it’s available as a hybrid version which cuts fuel consumption to 72.4 miles per gallon. Its electric motor blends with a 1.8 litre four-cylinder petrol engine, producing 122PS – and it gets from 0-62mph in 11 seconds. It’s quiet around town because, of course, it’s a hybrid and at low speeds the engine is off. The problem, though, is that you don’t have to ask for very much clout from it for the onboard computers to kick the engine back into life.
The interior eradicates Toyota’s reputation for dullness, and there’s plenty of room in the front. However, the sloping roof means you won’t want to be in the back if you’re tall. Boot space is also disappointing in comparison with rivals.
To sum up, the hybrid is great for fuel-saving but adds some drawbacks. And, coupled with the Dynamic trim, it makes it rather too expensive. The sheer amount of equipment means one of the lesser models should suffice for most.