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Pontiac Tempest

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Pontiac Tempest's summary:
  • Doors: There are 2 types of a body of the car Pontiac Tempest - 4 and 2-door cars.
  • Seats: The car was issued in options with 5 and 2+2-seat salon.
  • Pontiac Tempest was issued with the following types of a body: sedan (saloon), fixed-head coupe.
  • The car Tempest (1960) have 1324 kg and this is the minimum weight among all modifications of Pontiac Tempest. The heaviest car in a production line of Pontiac Tempest, is the model Tempest Le Mans Sprint (1966) - its weight 1551 kg.
  • The smallest model is Tempest (1964) which length makes 4731 millimeters. The longest Pontiac Tempest is the model Tempest Le Mans Sprint (1966), which length - the 5243 millimeters.
  • Pontiac Tempest was equipped by 7 options of engines. The smallest engine had volume in 3180 cubic centimeters and was established on model - Tempest (1964). The most powerful engine was established on model Tempest 6.4 (1963) and had volume in 6376 cubic centimeters.
  • The maximum speed of the Pontiac Tempest makes 182 kilometers per hour. You will see such information on a speedometer of model named Tempest Le Mans Sprint (1966).
  • The car Pontiac Tempest is equipped with only a manual transmission.

Pontiac Tempest Modifications (7)

N Model Doors Seats Weight Length Height Engine
1 Pontiac Tempest (1960) 4 5 1324В kg 4808В mm 1359В mm 3181В cm3
2 Pontiac Tempest (1963) - 5 1350В kg 5160В mm - 3524В cm3
3 Pontiac Tempest (1964) 4 5 1347В kg 4731В mm 1378В mm 3180В cm3
4 Pontiac Tempest (1965) - 5 1350В kg 5160В mm - 3522В cm3
5 Pontiac Tempest 5.3 (1963) - 5 1350В kg 5160В mm - 5341В cm3
6 Pontiac Tempest 6.4 (1963) - 5 1410В kg 5160В mm - 6376В cm3
7 Pontiac Tempest Le Mans Sprint (1966) 2 2+2 1551В kg 5243В mm 1372В mm 3770В cm3

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