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Rover is English company specialized in production of passenger cars and "jeeps" ("rover" and "landrover" brands).

In 1887 John Kemp Starley and William Sutton founded bicycle factory where in 1889 they started cars production. First time there were simple carriages with 8 hp power engines, such as Rover 8. There were sold very successively because of outstanding technical data. The company has entered the middle cars market by production of attractive and improved cars such as Rover Twelve sedan which was announced in 1911. Having engine power of 28 hp it accelerated up to 80 km/h.

The first result of collaboration with Honda company has appeared in 1984. It was compact front-driven Rover 200 which represented a turned Honda Civic model. The cooperation program also involved the joint development of large sedan which was more familiar to Rover. In 1986 was released Rover 800 equipped as with a 2.0 liter Rover engine as V6 engine of Honda production. Rover 200 was upgraded in 1989. The same year was launched Rover 400 which has followed 200-series.

Issue of another famous model - amazing Rover Metro 6R4 with full drive and middle-mounted V6 engine relates by 80-ies. The model equipped with 2.4 l turbo and accelerating up to 152 km was launched in 1986 on Turin autoshow.

Second generation of Rover 800 was issued in 1992 and little later the Coupe version was produced. Rover 600 introduced in 1993 filed a niche between Rover 400 and Rover 800. In 1994 Rover has got under BMW control and fully renewed its model line. New models of 200 and 400 series were designed and in 1996 flagman model received high-torque 2.5 l engine of K-series instead of high-speed Honda’s V6 engine.

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