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Antony Lago has made Talbot company of fragments of ruinous English-French association named В«Sunbeam-Talbot-DarracqВ». He tried to save tainted reputation of Lago brand by sportive image of production and racing participation.

Talbot revival was started in 1934 from Type 150 model. It was based on existing car with eight-cylinder in-line engine. Lago has upgraded this engine with aluminum head and hemispherical combustion chamber but he left unchanged beam drive of top valves. Later this scheme was used for BMW and Chrysler engines.

In 1936 Talbot Type 150 with operating capacity of 2690 cc, according to changes in racing technical requirements, was related to new class with upper limit of four liters.

By increase of operational capacity up to 3900 cc this car has shown its perfect features while Lago Special model, successfully combining racing chassis and elegant aerodynamic luxury coupe-body designed by Figoni et Falaschi, has proved itself as ideal car of Grand Tourismo Class. So, the 30-ies were golden time for Talbot brand.

In late 60-ies Talbot brand was liquidated.

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