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TVR Engineering is English automobile company which was founded in 1947 by engineer named Trevor Wilkinson. The first TVR car was made in 1949. TVR cars have been already sold in US till 1956 and in 1958 production of Grantura model was launched. Being reasonably fast and attractive this model corresponded with existing standards of these times. By the middle 60-ies it was made about 100 Grantura cars. The great step forward was made in 1963. On the basis of Grantura model was created TVR Griffith with modified chassis and V8 Ford engine of 4.7 l capacity. This model was named after American car seller named Jack Griffith. A year before he mounted Ford engine on his TVR Grantura car. By its characteristics this model was competitive in comparison of Ferrari and Jaguar of these years (some modifications had a power of more than 271 hp). But because of high price for these cars the demand left much to be desired. Totally there were made 300 of these cars.

Due to financial problems in 1965 management of the company was substituted to Arthur and Martin Lilley. TVR has built its production areas in В«Bristol AvenueВ». Peter Willer has owed the TVR in 1982.

New chapter in TVR history was opened in 1987 with the birth of S-series cars. They were equipped with V6 Ford engines of 2.9 l capacity with fuel injection. Having very low price for cars of this class (about 13,000 pounds) for a year they allowed almost double production.

But the real triumph of TVR became possible with the revival of Griffith model. Powerful rear-driven TVR Griffith 500 car with Rover engine was firstly announced in Birmingham in 1990. First cars were sold to customers at the beginning of 1992 and won a great popularity at the first autoshow. And after release of Griffith 500 in 1993 this model was allowed to enter the club of classical sportcars. Since February of 1997 TVR Griffith 500 is available not only with folding hood but in hardtop version.

Then Chimera and Cerbera models were released and they have established TVR as the most popular independent British automaker.

New owner of company is Russian named Nickolai Smolenskiy who has bought it in 2004. Now company's plant in Blackpool city with a staff of 400 employees produces nearly 1,000 cars per year.

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