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The company takes its name from the district on the south bank of the Thames. After good marriage Norman merchant named Foulk le Breant has bought there a house at the beginning of 13th century. This house was named as Fulk's Hall and later as Vauxhall.

Foulk le Breant was famous by carts production which had a stable demand. Once habitants of medieval town saw a cart made by Foulk which had run itself. Some of the most impressionable citizens have seen even the devils that were harnessed instead of horses. This mystic event was a good advertisement.

In 1857 Alexander Wilson founded in this area the company for the production of steam engines and tugs for Thames. A griffin from le Breant's emblem was chosen as label of the company.

The company was renamed in "Vauxall Iron Works Company" in 1903. The same year it launched the first car. Two years later the company moved to Luton.

The griffin which represents Vauxall label is a creature with eagle's head and lion's body. This is a mythic animal which combines qualities of bird's king and animal's king. That's why it means power and guard.

In the middle of 20th century Vauxall cooperated with Germans and it was Opel company.

At present days almost all cars of В«Opel AGВ» sold in Britain have Vauxhall nameplates.

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