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National-social government via private organization named “Imperial Union of Automobile Industry” gave to Ferdinand Porsche the order for design of Volkswagen prototype (literally - “people's car”) in 1934. In theory, it should take four years from planning and engineering development to serial production.

The first Volkswagen was ready in 1935. Two following prototypes were hardly tested on distance exceeding 50,000 km in 1936. Next series marked as "VW 30" and comprising 30 cars was launched in 1937 and its total distance reached 2.4 mln. kilometers. Satisfactory results were gained for all tests and in 1938 the car has acquired its technical equipment and appearance. Thus, design stage was finished. Plant construction and preparation for production were started.

At war period the plant produced open cross-country cars and amphibia for Reich needs. Till the end of war it was totally produced about 66,000 offroadsters and all-terrain vehicles. Post-war development was held under British flag. As far as company was controlled by allies and was located at UK occupation zone in summer 1945 the company was placed under British control. At the very least company's plant was reconstructed and first postwar models appeared. Soon the plant has proved its sustainability after receipt of order for 20,000 cars from English occupation side. In late 40-ies after presentation of car on number of autoshows the company begun to receive orders from Europe. That was the way of modern automobile giant establishment. In many ways it was caused by effect of “German Economic Miracle”. By gaining momentum Volkswagen has opened its plants one by one. It was not only at German territory but in other countries exporting company' cars.

Three new models - Passat, Golf and Sirocco – were designed in late 70-ies. Technically these cars had nothing in common with previous Volkswagen autos. Passat and Golf versions are still produced and they are the classics of automobile production. Their names are often used as common noun.

Volkswagen Beetle designed by Ferdinand Porsche shall be especially noted. This car broke all records of popularity and in late 90-ies was launched New Beetle which is a remake of old version. In Russia has registered over 305 thousands of Volkswagen cars. The brand takes third place after Toyota and Opel.

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