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Little automobile company from Eisenach in Thuringia released its first car in 1898. This car was named as local castle. It was copy of French Decoville car with single-cylinder air-cooled engine of 3.5 hp power. Autos with 4.5 hp, 8.5 hp and 10 hp power have been released since 1903. Year later the auto was sold under Dixi brand. The company became famous in 1927 after release of small DA-1 car under the license of Austin Seven. This car was prototype of the first BMW.

After the Second World War the plant in Eisenach was assigned to GDR. For the first time it produced prewar DKV cars under IFA brand. Production of new sedan was launched in 1956 and it was taken its former name - Wartburg. It was simple 4-seated model with modified 3-cylinder two-cycle engine of prewar DKV car. In 1966 was launched improved Wartburg which had been produced till the last day of GDR existence.

At the beginning of 90-ies of the last century Wartburg brand was liquidated.

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